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Ken Ken Food Mfg Pte Ltd
20 Senoko Way, Singapore 758042
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Head Office, Factory & Logistic Warehousing

Production, Marketing, Import/Export, Trading, R&D, Cold Room (Freezer and Chiller) and Dry Warehousing Facilities for rent and logistics.

Import, Export, Production, Trade & Distribution

Ken Ken brand prepared cuttlefish and fish snack, frozen/dried sea products, specializes in Pangasius fish fillets, squid tubes, squid rings, dried squids, surimi, dried/processed fish maws and value add products.

Confectioneries, seasoned seaweed, fish snacks, honey, frozen vegetables etc.


Worldwide sourcing and trading of seafood, frozen pork, food and snacks. Seeking business partner to import, distribute and manufacture in Asia.


Ken Ken (Vietnam) Food Mfg Co. Ltd
HoChiMinh City Vietnam
Email: steven.tay1@hotmail.com
Process & Export

Process and export products origin from Vietnam. Frozen/ Dried squids - Whole round, whole clean, tube, rings and its value added products.

Frozen Pangasius fish - Whole round, fillets, steak (portion cut), fins, stomach, broken meat, belly meat and skin.

Dried fish maw (Oven baked, fried or roasted) – In cone, oval and formed shapes. Dried/Frozen seafood and other Vietnam origin food.


Seeking for business alliance and partner to trade and process their products in Vietnam.


Global Pacific Food Mfg
(Shanghai) Co. Ltd
Shanghai China
Tel: +86 13817824043
Email: sales@kenken.com.sg
Import, Export, Trade & Distribution

Import and distribute Vietnam frozen Pangasius fish fillets, butterfly cut, fins, stomach, belly meat, fish maw, other seafood and Ken Ken brand prepared cuttlefish snacks and food for China Market.

Export and trade frozen squid tubes, rings, flowers and dried Illex squids, prepared squid snacks, imitation crab sticks, surimi, Blue Shell mussels, honey, ready to eat snacks and commodities to overseas markets.


Seeking for business partner to import, distribute or franchise their products in China and to export China products to overseas markets.


Ken Ken Food Ind. Sdn Bhd
Johor Malaysia
Email: sales@kenken.com.sg
Import & Distribution

Market and distribute a wide range of Ken Ken's products.


Seeking for business partner to import and distribute Ken Ken's products.