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Research Findings : Chewing boosts cognitive function


Hirano Y and andOnozuka M published a study on the Brain and Nerve=Shinkei no Kenkyu no Shinpo 2014 journal regarding the correlation between the physical act of chewing and cognitive function.


Their research show that “chewing does not only crush food to aid swallowing and digestion; it also helps to relieve stress and regulate cognitive functions, including alertness and executive function. It is well known that chewing gum is used for sleepiness prevention during work, learning, and driving. In addition, it has been shown in the elderly that a decrease in the number of residual teeth is related to dementia onset. These findings suggest a link between chewing and maintaining memory and attention.” They also suggest that “chewing elevates alertness, consequently leading to improvements in cognitive performance.”

Ken Ken Cuttlefish has been fondly remembered and recognised by its popular name “The Chewing Gum of the Orientals” It is part of the Singaporean cultural snack which generations before grew up chewing on before we had our modern day snacks like chocolate and chips. It raises hopes of the link between chewing cuttlefish and the possibility of improving cognitive functions.