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Since 1975, Ken Ken Food Manufacturing Private Limited has established its name amongst the seafood and food processing industry. Ken Ken is a well-acclaimed household name and widely recognised in Singapore and South-East Asia region. It specialises in the preparation of cuttlefish, fish and other snacks in the food market. All of its products are manufactured and processed in technologically advanced manufacturing plants across Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. 

The name of the company, "Ken Ken" is inspired from the high-quality and delicious squid, Kensaki Surume, which are used to make the well-known cuttlefish snack under the brand name of "Ken Ken" and "PonPon" for sales in the South-East Asian market.


Ken Ken (Vietnam) Food Mfg. Co. Ltd. was established in 1994 as the company expands its operations regionally into the food manufacturing industry internationally and obtaining the 100% Foreign Investment License for food processing in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City. A 3-storey food manufacturing factory, with an area of 7000 square metres, utilising advanced technology and equipment was constructed. This increases Ken Ken’s food production rate and expedites the company’s planned expansion into new regions and diversified food markets.


In line with the diversification strategy, Ken Ken fully utilises Vietnam’s pronounced resources of raw seafood and process them into various types of value-added product for export. After processing and packing, these food products will be exported worldwide through the distribution channels of Ken Ken Group of companies located in Singapore, Malaysia, China and Vietnam and sold in their respective regional food markets.

With the benefit of low-cost labour in Vietnam, extensive sourcing of raw material supply and naturally inducive processing environment combined with a reputable management system and skill from Singapore, it hast enable Ken Ken to meet the variable demands of the international market.

The vertical integration strategy of the group enables the full complete product flow through the process beginning from source of the supply to the value added processing and direct marketing through the sales channel of Ken Ken Group of companies located in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. The vertical integration and diversification strategy are definitely the key factors to Ken Ken’s regionalisation growth.

Ken Ken cuttlefish snacks are the famous and long-lasting brand in Singapore. It is our childhood snacks that we grew up with, it jogs good old times. Some of our cuttlefish snack trade exists since 1964.

The tagline – “Chewing Gums of the Orientals” as established since then. Ken Ken prepared cuttlefish snacks are still on sales in supermarkets such as NTUC Fairprice, Cold Storage, Giant, Sheng Siong, 7-Eleven and many others supermarkets, retail outlets, petrol kiosks and neighbourhood stores.