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Kensaki Premium Cuttlefish Snack

Raw materialLoligo edulis hoyle/KensakiIka 剣先いか

Country of Origin : Vietnam

Manufacturer: KEN KEN (Vietnam)

Importer: KEN KEN (Singapore)

Halal Certified

General Information

The Kensaki 剣先 cuttlefish (Loligo edulis hoyle) forms the raw materials of our premium Ken Kencuttlefish snack products. The Kensaki 剣先 cuttlefish is sourced from the blue oceans of the Pacific, where quality is assured. It is found in abundance near the shores of Vietnam. Hence, our Ken Ken factory is located in Vietnam where the Kensaki is guaranteed fresh.

The prepared Kensaki 剣先 cuttlefish is prepared through Ken Ken’s long kept traditional recipe of more than 50 years. It is first handled through a drying process to reach the optimum moisture level. It is then marinated with a selection of spice and seasonings. The final process of rolling and roasting is applied to produce the tasty impactful snack we have since 1964.

The Chewing Gum of the Orientals tagline is iconic on our famous Shredded Cuttlefish Series that many Singaporeans remember fondly. It came about during the time in 1992 when the Singapore government banned chewing gum from being sold in the nation.

Our Ken Ken premium Kensaki剣先cuttlefish is available in multiple styles and currently sold in major supermarkets like NTUC, Sheng Siong, Giant, 7-11, Ang Mo, PrimeMart, Cheers, Big Box and many others.

•  The Original Classic

•  The WholeFlavour Experience

•  The Sudare Process

•  The Atarime Method

•  The Red Sliced

•  The Honey Glazed

•  The Rolled and Roasted

•  The Sugared

•  The Shredded

•  The Crispy