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Frozen Sutchi Fish Fillet (Pangasius Hypophthalmus)


Common Name: Basa

Country of Origin : Vietnam

Export: KEN KEN (Vietnam)

Importer: KEN KEN (Singapore)

Halal Certified




General Information

Pangasius fish are farmed in the Mekong River delta in Vietnam. Because of its fast growth rate (6-9 months), the fish supply is steady and available whole year round. Pangasius fish has gained a lot of popularity worldwide. It is consumed locally and exported to all over the world. Pangasius fillet color is milky white with slight pink/yellow. It has mild flavor and firm texture. It is adaptable to many ways of cooking method, such as fry, bake, broil, grill, poach, saute or pan-fried. It easily takes on flavor that are introduced during cooking.

Our Ken KenPangasius fish is available in:

• Whole round/ Whole gutted

• Fillet skinless : bulk and retail packaging

• Fillet skin on

• Butterfly cut

• Steak cut